Dr. Ankur Saurav

MBBS (Gold Medalist)
DNB Orthopedics
Diploma in Orthopedics
Fellowship in Arthroplasty (Joint Replacement), Revision Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy (Munich, Germany)
Fellowship in Sports Medicine (ISAKOS: International Society of Arthoscopy, Knee Surgery And Orthopedic Sports Medicine)

Primary & Revision Knee Replacement

This procedure is sometimes referred to as a Total Knee Arthroplasty

A Total Knee Replacement is   surgery which is performed to relieve your pain and difficulty in walking due to Arthritis in Knee Joint. Damage to your knees commonly happen due to aging leading to degeneration to your knee cartilage and joint surface. It may also happen after injury to your knees or in case of your autoimmune arthritis (multiple joints of your body is affected at early age).

Your knee consist of 3 main compartments and Total Knee Replacement is where when more than one compartment is hardly affected.

Arthritis of knee leads to degeneration of knee which leads to deformity of the knee joint, due to which mechanical axis is shifted inside or outside from the center of knee, which leads to one compartment over wad, thus accelerating the damage of the involved compartment.

The goal of Total Knee Replacement is not only to replace the damage joint surface but6 also to maintain acceptable soft tissue balance and correct malalignment.

Our Protocol for Total Knee Replacement

Preoperative Protocol:

  • patient is seen on OPD basis.
  • Routine Work is done.(Blood Investigation, X-rays etc.).
  • Correction of co-morbidity if any is done prior to surgery.
  • Pre Anesthetic check up is done and fitness certificate for surgery is given.
  • Preoperative physiotherapy is commenced.
  • Patient is usually admitted i the evening prior to the day of surgery.

Note:We provide a personal counselor to you for your smooth and hassle free preoperative work up

On the day of surgery

  • Patient is shifted to the operating room after required consent from the patient and relatives.
  • Anesthetic team give regional or general anesthesia as per pre operation assessment.
  • Operating time is usually 75 minute to 90 minute.
  • Patient is kept i post operation care for some duration and then shifted to respective ward.
  • Evening physiotherapy session is done