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MBBS (Gold Medalist)
DNB Orthopedics
Diploma in Orthopedics
Fellowship in Arthroplasty (Joint Replacement), Revision Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy (Munich, Germany)
Fellowship in Sports Medicine (ISAKOS: International Society of Arthoscopy, Knee Surgery And Orthopedic Sports Medicine)

What are the alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery in a Patient suffering from Knee Osteoarthritis:

What are the alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery in a Patient suffering from Knee Osteoarthritis:
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Written by:
Dr. Ankur Saurav
Orthopedics Surgeon,
Fellowship in Joint Replacement(Germany)
Fellowship in Sports medicine (ISAKOS)

Osteoarthritis of knee is a very common problem in old age. But all knee arthritis doesn't require Knee Replacement. Their are multiple options available which can provide moderate to good pain relief in early Osteoarthritis of your knee. Here I will be telling you few of that options.

  1. Physiotherapy: This is the mainstay of conservative treatment in a patient with knee arthritis. A good strong muscles around your knee, greatly off loads your knee and also reduces muscle spasm, thus giving good pain relief. Follow the link to learn exercises for knee arthritis: https://drankursaurav.com/knee-guide/
  2. Weight Loss: Researches show that every 4.5 kg gain in weight increses the chances of knee arthritis by 35%, and on the other hand lossing 4.5 kg of weight reduces 4 times pressure over your knee. Try to keep your BMI less than 25.
  3. Hylarounic Acid Injections : This has shown to delay your progression of knee arthritis and also moderate pain relief. But is effective in Stage 1 or early stage 2 of Arthritis (https://drankursaurav.com/arthirtis/)
  4. Plasma Rich Protein Injections: This has shown to provide some relief when injected in the knee, but long term studies to this is still awaited.
  5. Geniculate Nerve Ablation In this procedure your Geniculate nerves(nerves which supply the knee joint) is ablated by Cold Frequency Ablator. This reduces your Knee pain but has no role in rectifying the disease. Adviced only in those how are not physically fit for Knee replacement surgery.
  6. Arhtroscopic Knee Debridement: Limited role, not very cost effective. Provide pain relief for shorter duration and has no role in modifying the disease process.
  7. Knee Osteotomy: Surgery done in partially damaged knee. Provide very good result and also correct the deformity. Delays the progression of knee Arthritis.
  8. Walking Aids : Their are multiple walking aids available in the market. They off- loads your knee and provide some stability. Few good ones are very expensive.
  9. Medications and Steroids Shots:
    • Pain Killers: This reduces pain but shouldn't be recommend for long term as the patients get addicted to it and also causes multiple serious side effects.
    • Steroids injection in the knee: Reduces pain and inflammation of the knee, but the effect lasts for 2 to 3 months only. It causes accelerated damage to the knee Cartilage if given repeatedly.
    • Topical gel application: Many gel and oils available for local applications over knee. Provide mild pain relief.